Marijuana plants require a large amount of nutrients to grow properly and produce flowers. Plants make a variety of nutrients by combining carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), and sunlight in a process called photosynthesis. In order to produce the maximum amount possible, however, the plant needs to have a well balanced and nutritional diet. Just take a look at these images of plants fed with poor nutrients juxtaposed with images of plants fed with proper nutrients.

Of course, putting a seed in the ground, watering it, and letting it get some sunlight will produce a decent plant, but wouldn't you rather have a plant that thrives? Isn't it certainly more enticing to have plants with giant marijuana buds that are dripping with THC? If it is, then you should invest in the right feeding schedule.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the three most vital nutrients for marijuana. In the growth stage (vegetative stage), the plant uses a considerable amount of nitrogen, but during the flowering stage, phosphorus and potassium are used more prevalently. If you want to fully understand the influence of nutrients on the marijuana plant, then download my FREE E-book called "Fertilizer to Grow Huge Buds."

Obviously, there are more nutrients that you'll have to deal with aside from the major three. Nutrients like manganese, calcium, sodium, and chlorine can all impact the end result. Our extensive studies and research have spanned over 15 years and, in that time, we have found the ultimate formula.
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Buy now and get a free grow guide

Buy now and get a free grow guide

This mixture of nutrients is important, but you also need to understand how much to give each plant. A nitrogen deficiency is one of the most common problems for many growers. The leaves start to turn yellow from the bottom up because chlorophyll levels start to diminish. This, in turn, forces photosynthesis to slow down and ultimately the entire plant's growth begins to reduce as it becomes more susceptible to diseases and fungi.

Marijuana Grow Booster is composed of around 20% high-concentrated nitrogen that is extracted only from organic materials. If you follow the nutrition and water schedule precisely, we can guarantee a healthy growth for your plant and beautiful dark, green leaves.

The Grow Booster is also composed of phosphorus, which is vital for the development of a healthy and robust root system. Healthier roots can take up more water and other nutrients to help produce larger buds. Potassium is also present in the Grow Booster formula and it is key for function of the plant's natural immune system. Other minerals that you'll find in Grow Booster include:

  • Boron: promotes phosphorus uptake and production of firm cells
  • Manganese: accelerates cell division (growth), photosynthesis and overall metabolism
  • Molybdenum: stimulates nitrogen production and contains enzymes to promote cell division
  • Calcium: strengthens cell walls, stimulates root growth and promotes potassium uptake
  • Magnesium: Helps with the production chlorophyll and the formation of amino acids and vitamins
  • Iron: stimulates the production of chlorophyll and solid cells
  • Copper: helps photosynthesis and retention of minerals

In addition to the Grow Booster, our Marijuana Fertilizer System also includes:

  • Bud Booster: allows for the maintenance of the overall structure of the plant, ensures a high metabolic rate, works to achieve good uptake of nutrients and the development of the buds
  • THC Booster: doubles the production of THC, makes hard buds, and ensures proper weight.

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We ask all our customers to participate in a small survey so that we get a good overview of the results of our Marijuana Boosters®. Key questions include:

  • How much light was used?
  • How much yield did you attain without Marijuana Booster®?
  • How much yield did you attain with Marijuana Booster®?

These are the facts:

  • 100 watt cfl 's - No booster 1.5-2.0oz - With Marijuana Booster® 3.5oz!
  • 250 watt HPS - No booster 3.0-5.0oz - With Marijuana Booster® 9.0oz!
  • 400 watt HPS - No booster 4.5-9.0oz- With Marijuana Booster® 14oz!
  • 600 watt HPS - No booster 5.0-10oz - With Marijuana Booster® 21oz !


  • 100 watt cfl 's - No booster 40-60 grams - With Marijuana Booster® 100 grams !
  • 250 watt HPS - No booster 80-150 grams - With Marijuana Booster® 250 grams !
  • 400 watt HPS - No booster 125-250 grams - With Marijuana Booster® 400 grams !
  • 600 watt HPS - No booster 150-300 grams - With Marijuana Booster® 600 grams !

For outdoor marijuana an average of 5 to 9 oz (150-250 grams) per plant is common but with Marijuana Booster yields of 17.5 oz (500 grams) per plant are possible! These yields can be achieved both growing in soil and in hydroponics.

Provide additional drying nets and extra space. We often hear that people have not enough space to dry their marijuana.

My name is Dennis Green and I developed this product along with a childhood friend. We both moved to Amsterdam after high school with different goals. I was looking to expand my marijuana breeding operations and he wanted to study chemistry and biology.

My success in the marijuana breeding and growing field allowed me to become a supplier for some of the largest coffee shops in Amsterdam including, The Bulldog, Greenhouse, Barney's Farm, and Kandinsky. Everything was going great, but the quality of the cannabis in Amsterdam coffee shops sustained a significant drop-off. This was largely because quantity started to take precedence over quality. Many growers started to use toxic pesticides and artificial fertilizers as a way to pump out the most marijuana possible. Of course, they neglected to focus their efforts on taste, smoking pleasure, and other qualitative effects.

Obviously, the coffee shops wanted a better product, so my friend and I were commissioned to come up with a better product. My friend finished his studies at the Agricultural University of Wageningen and is now currently doing research on the effect of nutrients on different plants. Our goal was to create a product that simultaneously increased yield and improved the taste and smoking pleasure of the weed.

Years of testing with growers, coffee shops, scientists, and even stoners have allowed us to create our innovative product, Marijuana Booster® . Professional marijuana breeders in Amsterdam use our product extensively, but we are now making it available to the general public. This is the perfect opportunity to try us out.

We have an entire team of specialists backing our product, and they are always there to help if you need them, because members get free online support throughout the growing process. For instance your leaves turn yellow or your plants stop taking in water properly, then you can simply send us a question with a photo and get a reply within 24 hours from one of our specialists.

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Works in Soil and in Hydroponics

Although nutrients are important for the growth of marijuana, factors like temperature, air, water and light are also vital. Placing marijuana seeds and the ground and letting them grow is certainly one way to produce plants, but you won't get substantial yields. It's important to help your plants along the way, and this e-book will show you exactly how to do that. You'll learn the marijuana growing basics which include indoor and outdoor growth, the different stages of growth, and everything you can imagine about growing marijuana. It's certainly not impossible to grow massive buds, you just need to understand how.
This e-book will detail the role of every nutrient and how it affects the marijuana plant. You'll also learn to recognize nutrient deficiencies and surpluses and how the plant reacts to negative environmental factors (e.g. leaves will curl up during high temperatures, buds will become airy and loose during a light deficiency, and bottom leaves will turn yellow either because of a lack of nitrogen or a lack of water). Any problem you might encounter will be discussed by this e-book. This will certainly make you genuine plant doctor.
We grow marijuana because we love it, but humans aren't the only ones who enjoy cannabis from time to time. Indeed, many organisms love the taste of marijuana, but not all of them are easy to recognize. Some attack from the inside while others do their damage from within. For instance, spider mites and white flies are both pests that humans can see, but root rot or other fungi aren't as easy to spot. Understanding and recognizing the symptoms produced by bugs, pests, and diseases are very important skills. To be able to take swift and appropriate action to prevent damage is invaluable.
Water is an important substance for the growth of marijuana plants (and all life on Earth). If the plants don't get enough water, they will not flourish, but if they get too much, the growth will slow to a crawl. Water, of course, isn't the only thing affecting the growth of the plant, as nutrients, light, and air quality also play a role. Marijuana Booster provides you with the right nutrient configuration to grow the best plants every time. As long as you ensure that the plants get enough light, fresh air, and ideal temperatures, this feeding schedule will work wonders.

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